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Helping People is Your Passion.
Helping You Reach Them is Ours.


RGOC Digital is a family-owned, fanatically customer-centric company providing consulting, marketing, communications, strategies, and support to healthcare clients and partners around the globe. 

Since 2012, RGOC has worked with the LA County Medical Association and other healthcare providers and organizations to facilitate their digital evolution and reach patients, physicians, and communities.

Whether you are looking for a simple, self-managed website, a full branding package, or a partner to help you develop, design, build, manage and measure your digital presence, the RGOC team delivers results and builds relationships.


We deliver to our clients a team of highly experienced and agile professionals with extensive backgrounds in healthcare media, marketing, business, operations, technology, and development, each driven by an intense passion for client success. For YOUR success.


Consulting | Your success is our passion, that's why our clients trust us. No matter where you are on your Digital Transformation journey, nothing excites the RGOC team more than collaborating with our physicians and healthcare clients to discover innovative ways to engage, communicate and build trust with your audience. Maybe you're just getting started, need a sounding board, a bit of a refresh, or an entire rebrand and makeover of your online presence. Maybe you have big marketing ideas but not a big marketing budget. Maybe you’re not sure what you need.

That’s why we’re here. Let’s figure it out together! 


Research | Who is our audience? How many followers do our competitors have on social media? What are they saying to our shared audience? Who even ARE our competitors? What search words are people using to find us? Them? What data is important for me to have?

So many questions, so little time. Let’s figure out what you actually NEED to know (we’re very big on ROI), and then let’s find it!


"I’ve had the privilege to work with the RGOC team for more than a decade.  As the CEO of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, representing nearly 30,000 physicians, the need to have a strategic, creative, trusted resource is vital to our success. 


RGOC's digital consulting services have been invaluable to our organization, and we rely on them for all aspects of marketing, media and communications. They play a pivotal role in our digital presence, helping to inform physicians on a variety of issues and initiatives. They have developed and expanded our digital transformation, and we even tap into their abundance of talent to help design logos and brand identities. 

Our success with unprecedented growth is attributed, in large part, to the work of RGOC."

"RGOC is the central driver in the transformation of Athena and its capacity to fulfill its mission. As the mastermind behind Athena’s digital transformation and extended market reach, we’re now positioned to become the digital HUB for women in the STEM economy.
We hit the jackpot with RGOC in digitally delivering Athena’s leadership development resources and its advocacy initiatives to new and existing markets."

—  Holly Smithson, CEO


—  Gustavo Friederichsen, Chief Executive Officer




10755 Scripps Poway Parkway

Suite 615
San Diego, CA 92131 

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