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Identifying the building blocks and constructing the foundation for your business, marketing, and communications efforts

At RGOC Digital, we understand the significance of a robust digital platform network for successful online business and marketing. Our expertise lies in identifying key components, understanding your target audience, and strategically selecting platforms to engage your audience, drive sales, and enhance brand awareness. With our comprehensive approach encompassing defining your target audience, setting goals, integrating platforms, designing seamless user experiences, intensive management, and continuous performance optimization, we ensure your digital network thrives and delivers outstanding results.



Research Group of Companies (RGOC) has a rich history that began pre-internet with the company founded as Print Media Research Group initially offering media research, software development, technology, content development (editorial), and advisory services to the magazine and newspaper industry. With the onset of the Internet era, the company evolved to keep pace with the digital revolution in communications, business, and marketing technology. Along the way, RGOC developed a specialization in healthcare digital services and, in keeping with our roots in news reporting, established Physicians News Network (PNN) as a private news service published continuously since its launch in 2011. 


Today, under the Research Group of Companies umbrella, serves as the central hub, offering comprehensive digital transformation services to the general marketplace. caters to the health and wellness market with outcomes-focused healthcare digital ecosystem and operational services with PNN providing private news services to the physician marketplace. 


Research Group of Companies is proud of its legacy of family ownership now spanning three generations. RGOC brings extensive expertise in media management, website design, software, and content development, social media strategies, and digital transformation. Committed to delivering exceptional service we have served clients worldwide from Africa to the Middle East and Asia. RGOC recognizes the evolving nature of the business landscape where an organization’s digital presence is an essential component of their operation, regardless of their primary business. 


Today, every company is a media company. Let us show you how.

The RGOC Digital team serves as your digital general contractors We will consult with you to develop, design, and build your digital infrastructure for self-management, provide ongoiong support, or manage your entire online presence and measure and respond to the results.

Abstract Structure

"I’ve had the privilege to work with the RGOC team for more than a decade.  As the CEO of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, representing nearly 30,000 physicians, the need to have a strategic, creative, trusted resource is vital to our success. 


RGOC's digital consulting services have been invaluable to our organization, and we rely on them for all aspects of marketing, media and communications. They play a pivotal role in our digital presence, helping to inform physicians on a variety of issues and initiatives. They have developed and expanded our digital transformation, and we even tap into their abundance of talent to help design logos and brand identities. 

Our success with unprecedented growth is attributed, in large part, to the work of RGOC."

"RGOC is the central driver in the transformation of Athena and its capacity to fulfill its mission. As the mastermind behind Athena’s digital transformation and extended market reach, we’re now positioned to become the digital HUB for women in the STEM economy.
We hit the jackpot with RGOC in digitally delivering Athena’s leadership development resources and its advocacy initiatives to new and existing markets."

—  Holly Smithson, CEO


—  Gustavo Friederichsen, Chief Executive Officer


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