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Our Team.

Originally founded in the pre-Internet days, Research Group of Companies (RGOC) was known as Print Media Research Group. In this form, the company provided a range of consulting, technology, and content development services to what was then the thriving print media sector. From its inception, Research Group was unique in providing both technology and content development services to its media clients. Most notable was early software development producing media management software tools. Also, pre-Internet, the company developed bulletin board-based interactive systems for publishers, as well as large-scale data capture and data management services powered by proprietary software applications


Responding to the needs of publishers and related technology clients seeking an efficient way of identifying and recruiting talent, PMRG added Recruitment Research Group to its portfolio. This division employed media-based sourcing to identify employment candidates for clients.


As the media business evolved with the founding of the Internet as a commercial space in the mid-90s, the company added Digital Media Research Group to its portfolio. With this division, the company continued to provide technology, content, and consulting services to clients who were increasingly diversified outside the mainstream media business as the Internet made every company a media company.  


More than 15 years ago, the company began developing a specialty in healthcare media. This effort yielded the creation of Physicians News Network in 2011.


In order to simplify this diverse portfolio, the company rebranded as Research Group of Companies as the holding company, with the RGOC software development division, Physicians News Network as our publishing arm, and RGOC Digital as our services and consulting division.


Since its inception, RGOC has been a family-owned business, now employing three generations of family members. Together the RGOC team possesses a deep background and media, including software development, content development, social media, and a full range of digital transformation capabilities.




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