Direct media is any packaged, branded content concept originated, created and distributed, at the direction of an entity, to an audience of their choosing. Branding is typically that of the content distributor: the entity selecting the audience and facilitating distribution to that audience. Packaged content comes in many forms and includes newsletters, magazines, podcasts, books, videocasts, white papers and reports and may be in print, digital or broadcast formats or social media formats. Direct media is outbound and active as it is issued to an audience in real-time. This is opposed to a Web site, for example, which is static and relies on inbound traffic.


A direct media content concept can be a 300 word news story or an entire magazine, a six second video or an hour-long podcast, a 20 page white paper or a 200 page book.


News is often a key component of direct media. News as a content concept is concise, compelling and invites engagement. In this context, a direct media concept may be the most effective means for an entity to reach a target audience with enterprise news.


Direct media is branded, targeted, focused, immediate, active, directed, compelling, measurable and effective at engaging a specified audience with selected content on a scale and frequency chosen by the direct media sponsoring brand.